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She’s a former gymnast, health coach and Impact Lives 2020 Personal Trainer of the Year who lives and breathes all things health and wellness. 

Movement has always been a part of who she is; she grew up playing sports (gymnastics, soccer, softball, etc.), spent summers camping, swimming, hiking, and cliff jumping and always found that she was her happiest when she was moving.  

“I’ve seen firsthand how movement transforms our mind and body.  I believe that movement is medicine and that healthy habits & having fun are essential for a healthy mind, heart and body. My goal is to bring women together, push them outside their comfort zones and have them feeling STRONGER  and HAPPIER!”

We’re so happy to have her join us! She’ll be taking you on a journey of health and wellness, so you can be and feel your best!


Ever feel like your best work happens at the start of your day, and then it slowly declines throughout the day because you're feeling tired and just wanna get the day over with? We've all been there, which is why you need to start implementing things to help you keep your body and mind happy and healthy!

Did you know?

The circulatory system, blood flow and metabolism slow down when the body is sedentary. Reduced demand on the circulatory system and blood supply to the muscles; results in fatigue, makes muscles more prone to injury, causes muscle cramps or strain, and can cause varicose veins and blood clots. A slower metabolism can lead to an increase in body weight, inflammation and hormonal changes that can lead to the development of different harmful health conditions. 


All you need is 15 Minutes! Prep and warm up your body for a day of work. Starting a day with warmed-up muscles will help you work more comfortably and prevent injury!


It's so important to take a break between clients! Schedule your breaks in to make sure you have time for yourself. Take 15-20 minutes to hydrate, nourish and move! Make sure to drink 1.5-2L of water daily and to eat nourishing meals that will keep you full throughout the day! 

A 5-minute stretch between appointments is all you need to keep your body feeling good and ready to go for your next appointments. This will help minimize strain and tension on your body so that you can perform your best all day! 


Karen Michelle shares amazing quick stretches that can be done in under 2-minutes! You can sneak a few in during your appointments, and your client won't even know! 


Release all the stress and tension from your body after a day of appointments. This will prevent your body from holding onto it and have it manifesting into pain in the long run. 


Physical and mental health is vital to running a successful business. Establishing realistic work hours and appointment times will allow you to manage your schedule easily, ensure clients are aware of how long their service will take, and will help you set client boundaries.

Creating healthy work hours will help you create a work-life balance, which will prevent you from overworking and having clients dictate your schedule. It is recommended to work a maximum of 8-10 hours to prevent burning out.

Appointment times should be established for your services to allow you to manage your day properly, and so your client is aware of how long their service will take. Appointment times should be realistic! 

Beginner Artist Appointment Times

When you first start learning brow laminations, the goal is to remember all the steps and to perfect your craft. You want to ensure that you take your time to ensure that you're providing quality work. As a beginner, you are just becoming familiar with the service, so your appointment times will be longer. 

Appointment Time: 90 mins

Experienced Artist Appointment Times

Most Artists who practice at least twice a week are usually comfortable with the entire service after 2 months. Appointment times will become shorter as you become more comfortable with the techniques.

Appointment Time: 30-45 mins

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